Platelet Rich Plasma

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) used in Kaizen Medical is formulated using the industry-leading centrifuge that uses light absorption and triple sensor technology to automatically separate the platelets and white blood cells from the whole blood a single cell at a time. Doing so enables an extremely high platelet concentration, and hence growth factors – up to 18 times normal – along with a customizable white blood cell concentration. This differentiates the PRP used at Kaizen from the PRP at other clinics wherein the platelets and plasma are manually extracted with a syringe after a slow centrifugation which has a significantly lower platelet concentrate (3 – 5 times normal) with a higher white blood cell count – which means more inflammation and sub-optimal tissue repair, and also does not allow a change in the constituents of the PRP depending on the condition at hand. Since we realize that each patient may present with a unique condition, this technology allows us to fully customize the PRP to ensure the most effective, rapid, and safe healing. Additionally, at Kaizen, activating factors are added to the PRP which boost the release of the growth factors from the platelets that ensure the reparative process begins as soon as the injection is completed. Furthermore, all PRP injections at Kaizen are done under ultrasound guidance to obtain the most accurate site for delivery, as the location of the injection is vital to confirm that the PRP is utilized in the region of the tissue where it is needed most.

An initial pre-injection consult is vital for Dr. Gosal to gather information about your condition, review the relevant reports and treatment history, and suggest the appropriate treatment plan. This consult usually takes 15-30 minutes and is not covered under your Medical Services Plan (MSP). The cost is billed according to the time taken.
15 min = $ 87.50
20 min = $117.50
30 min = $175.00
In addition to PRP, there may be various modalities used to tackle your condition, which may or may not include some of the following:

  • Supplementation
  • Intravenous Tissue Repair Therapy which consits of Vitamin C and proline, which enhances tissue repair and can be used before and/or after your PRP treatment.
  • Prolotherapy using dextros which, alongside PRP, enhances immune based tissue repair.
  • Viscosupplementation using hyaluronic acid alongside PRP which can reduce inflammation.

Depending on your current health goal, we at Kaizen use different treatment protocols along with customizable PRP formulations to provide the safest and most efficient treatment plan to aim towards a speedy recovery.

Click HERE or contact the Kaizen Medical Inc. office at (604)300-0787 to discuss these options and obtain more information.