Detoxification Programs

Many different factors can contribute to a kind of “internal” pollution in your body. As these toxins accumulate in the body, they can become an underlying cause of a variety of health problems. Click HERE  to learn more about the effects of the toxins our bodies may absorb during the course of everyday life.

Kaizen Medical Inc. administers comprehensive, personalized Detoxification Programs, issued under close and careful physician supervision, to help patients to clear their bodies of this toxic build-up. Each Detoxification Program protocol is customized to patients’ precise toxin elimination needs, based on physiology, body chemistry, and symptoms. Included in the program are specific medical foods and nutritional support supplements that will ensure that patients are detoxifying safely and effectively.

Benefits of Detoxification:
• Cleanse and rid the body of toxin build-up.
• Feel more energy.
• Give the digestive system a rest so it will function better post-detox.
• Re-set the metabolism for more efficient calorie burning
• See an improvement in your skin – many patients describe a glow.
• Kick-start the weight management program.

The Detoxification Programs consist of three important steps: initial clearing, vigorous detoxification with intense nutritional support, and food reintroduction.

The Adjunctive Nutritional Support WILL:

• Address altered energetic function.
• Provide nutritional support for complete liver detoxification function.
• Protect the liver and tissues from toxins which are mobilized during detoxification.
• Protect against harmful free radicals generated during detoxification.

The cost of the doctor-supervised Detoxification Program can vary, depending on the patient’s symptoms and individual physiology, but the most common protocols are listed as follows:

  • 10-Day Detoxification Program
    Includes office visits, medical food and supportive nutrients.
  • 28-Day Detoxification Program
    Includes office visits, medical food and supportive nutrients.

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