Now Booking Appointments for Comprehensive Cardiovascular Assessments

March 1, 2012 by  
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We are offering Comprehensive Cardiovascular Assessments which quickly and accurately help to determine the overall health of the cardiovascular system. Even patients with low cholesterol levels may still carry dangerous plaque in the blood vessels of the heart. This highlights the importance of early assessment, as risk factors such as these can be lessened or reversed with early intervention.
Patients will undergo the following testing protocol, a series of assessments all of which have been discussed recently on The Dr. Oz Show:
Laboratory testing for cardiovascular disease biomarkers in the blood, including Fractionated Lipoprotein.
In-office assessment of carotid Intima-Media Thickness.
In-office detection of heart rate variability.
In-office testing of vascular elasticity.

Using the results of this in-depth assessment protocol, the physician and team can formulate a plan to help minimize or even reverse any risk factors that are evidenced in the test results.
Click HERE or contact the Kaizen Medical Inc. office at (604)300-0787 to discuss these options and obtain more information.

  • Brooke Fraser